Modest Apparel USA offers several styles of modest school uniforms including school uniform jumpers for girls and ladies, school uniform skirts, skorts and culottes. Girls' uniforms vary greatly between schooling systems, but typically consist of a dress or jumper or a blouse worn either with a skirt or culottes . School uniforms are mostly worn in private and Christian schools. Many christian schools wear culottes for gym and other activities to provide a modest and feminine look while being able to participate in activities such as volleyball and basketball . If your school has a pattern you would like us to make for your school or you would like an item with a fabric print or color we don't have listed; give us a call we may be able to help. 417-345-8421 . If your school is interested in having your own special page. Call us to set it up so your parents can go right to the specific item you want them to purchase. Most items are MADE TO ORDER. So it may take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for delivery. If you need something right away call us we may be able to accommodate you're special needs. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Modest Uniforms

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